As a scholar and teacher, I draw connections between traditional fields of study. My teaching reflects my educational training in both Latin American Studies and African American Studies, and my courses cross-list in four general fields:

  • Caribbean History

  • Latin American History

  • Religious Studies

  • African American History

In my courses, students investigate historical silences and discuss the multiple ways that traditional conceptions of history render invisible alternative perspectives. They also build critical thinking skills by analyzing primary source documents, critiquing secondary literature, practicing historical argument, and developing self-awareness through historical writing.

I am committed to helping students develop these skills through courses that integrate historical analysis with interdisciplinary methods and digital pedagogy. My publications on 21st century pedagogy and Digital History can be found at:

Latin American & African American Intersections

(Spring 2020)

Harvard University

This course explores African American and Latin American intersections before 1959. It examines the ties between African American history and various Latin American countries and regions: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, the Anglophone Caribbean, Mexico, and South America. Topics include: slavery, revolution, race theory, migration, citizenship, diplomacy, religion, and tourism.

Caribbean History:

My courses examine the history of the Caribbean as it transitioned from a collection of colonial and slave societies to a region of postcolonial and independent nation states. Topics include: revolution; emancipation and post-emancipation, U.S. intervention, pan-Africanism, migration, tourism, diaspora, etc.

Past & Current Courses:

  • The Creole Spirits (Spring 2019, Harvard)

  • Modern Caribbean History (Spring 2018, Duke)

  • Transnational Hispaniola (syllabus avail.)

Latin American History:

My courses introduce students to the topics and themes that have shaped modern Latin American history and contemporary society and culture. Topics include: independence wars, nationalism, slavery and race relations, indigenous movements, U.S. intervention, dictatorships, globalization, and neocolonialism.

Past & Current Courses:

  • Contemporary Latin America (Fall 2018, Duke)

  • Afro-Latin American History (syllabus avail.)

Religious Studies:

My courses explore the intersection of religion, race, and modernity. Focusing on the African diaspora in the Atlantic world, I teach about European and African religious understandings of the Atlantic slave trade and the formation of creole religions in the Americas. Topics include: Haitian vodou, Rastafarianism, Christianity, Isalm, etc.

Past & Current Courses:

  • The Creole Spirits (Spring 2019, Harvard)

  • Religion of the African Diaspora (Spring 2018, Duke)

  • The "Black Church" in American History (syllabus avail.)

African American History:

My courses focus on the major events, historical figures, and structural inequalities that have shaped the black experience in the United States since 1865. Courses especially engage African American internationalism. Topics include: U.S. Reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, black citizenship and civil rights, African American intellectual history, etc.

Past & Current Courses:

  • The Civil Rights Movement (Fall 2018, Duke)

  • 20C African American History (syllabus avail.)

Christina C. Davidson

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