Professional Service

A committed historian and scholar, I strive to serve my fields of research through volunteer work in the United States, the Dominican Republic, and online. This year, I have sat on  evaluation committees for book and fellowship prizes. I have also served my intellectual and research communities by:

  • Managing and co-producing  of a video homage to Dominican journalist, artist, and scholar Alanna Lockward (see video to right. See here for news coverage).

  • Working as a Spanish-Portuguese interpreter for the A.M.E. Dominican Annual Conference held in Samaná, D.R, March 2019. 

  • Launching Analysis of Evangelical Christianity (2018), in the Dominican Republic and at the United Nations in New York, and presenting the results of this study at the 2019 AME Dominican Annual Conference (see slide show to right).

I look forward to continuing to serve the profession in the future.

Christina C. Davidson

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